Creosote Bush (Rain In the Desert) Beeswax candle Soy-Free

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Need a little reminder of our rain here in the Sonoran desert? This candle will take you there. Made from coconut wax, locally harvested organic chaparral ( aka creosote bush) , organic olive oil and pure locally harvested beeswax. 6 ounces and long-lasting! The scent is a bit mild but fills a room after being lit for awhile.

This candle wax has a high concentration of the infused oil of creosote bush in it, so if a lot of wax pools and the flame is low, you can pour some wax out and the flame will burn higher.. or put it out and wait until it hardens again to burn it. You can also save the poured out wax to use as a solid perfume or a healing salve for cuts and wounds.

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2 reviews for Creosote Bush (Rain In the Desert) Beeswax candle Soy-Free

  1. Audrey K.

    I moved away from Arizona when I was 13 and have missed this smell so much. The candle perfectly captures the smell of the rain in Tucson. I bought this as a present for my mother and we will both definitely be buying again in the future.

    • Carolyn Camp

      Thanks Audrey! I’m glad you like it.

  2. Citlali (verified owner)

    This candle is a 6 stars it’s that good. I got this candle because my boyfriend and I miss the creosote smell so much, we used to hang some from our shower when we lived in AZ. This candle is spot on, and perfect, even down to its gorgeous color. You can tell this creator takes the time to extract the real oil. I got another for my best friend for her birthday, because she also loves AZ and misses the smell. Thank you for providing this amazing candle <3333

    • Carolyn Camp

      Aww, I am so glad you love it! Thank you!

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