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At Silver Lining Goods, we make 90% organic soaps and other all natural good stuff for your body. Our goal is to bring you and your family the best natural products available. We are constantly creating new items for your pleasure!

Cooked up in our kitchen, made in small batches to ensure the highest quality, we make our natural handmade organic soap the old fashioned way! Our main ingredient is pure olive oil, and our natural soaps are quite possibly the gentlest soaps you could find.

All natural soaps are not created equal! Ours is made with only the finest ingredients and made with the utmost care and concern for quality and purity. We have many customers who tell us ours is the best soap they've ever used! Using our natural handmade soap will not only lift your spirits with their essential oil aromatherapy, but our soap will make your skin feel wonderful too. All our soaps and body products are 100% natural, made from pure plant ingredients, scented with pure essential oils or plant essences and colored with only mineral pigments or botanicals.


Featured Favorites

Chaparral ( creosote bush) Healing Salve
This all natural chaparral healing salve is made with wild harvested organic chaparral,(larrea tridentata) organic olive...
Price: $12.00
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Basil Orange Lip Balm
Only the best for your lips! Made with all natural beeswax, shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet al...
Price: $6.00
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Mesquite Bean Scrub
This organic soap is made with mesquite bean pods for a natural gentle scrubby bar. Scented with cedar and cinnamon to e...
Price: $7.00
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Juniper Berry
Juniper berry essential oil and ground juniper berries for an exfoliating bar of natural goodness! 90% Organic.
Price: $6.50
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Creosote Bush /Rain In the Desert
This wondrous all natural 90% Organic soap is made from larrea tridentata also known as creosote bush in Arizona. This s...
Price: $7.00
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